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You can now make online payments to Ben Saunders Tennis. Complete the form below and then you will be transferred to the SECURE Paypal server to make a card payment.

(Refunds will only be given for a service that has become fully subscribed, in which case you will be offered an alternative or given a full refund).

Please note that Cheque and Paypal payments now incur an additional 5% charge per transaction.

However, you can also make payments which don’t incur these charges by paying by Cash or Online Banking Payments by logging onto your Online Bank and transferring payments to – Ben Saunders Tennis, Santander Bank, 09-06-66/43414979 and using your child’s name as the reference – please contact us when you do this to confirm payment has been made.

N.B – if you haven’t attended our sessions before then you will also need to complete a Registration Form and include how you paid.

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Enter a description of the service you a paying for (i.e. Coaching Programme, Venue and the name of the attendee)
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