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1.Please ensure you have completed the clubspark registration before starting and update Ben on medical/contact info when necessary. Group sizes will be limited. We have a waiting list for some groups now.

2.If you have spoken to me about joining our weekly Groups/Fun Camps but not yet paid then your place isn’t secure. Full payment must be received within 24hrs of taking a place otherwise it will be offered to the next players

3.There will be no refunds/credit carried forward, so please be sure before booking. The only time a refund will be offered is if the Government enforces another lockdown and the sessions can’t run. If you/your child can’t attend for any reason then please let me know. If we don’t hear from you after 3 weeks of non-attendance then your place may be offered to another player. If you are sick or choose not to continue with your sessions due to any reason, then no refund/credit will be given.

4.Photographs/videos may be taken during sessions to promote our programme – please speak to Ben to opt out.

5.ALL players MUST bring a rain jacket as we’ll be staying outside unless the weather is unplayable, parents can watch and for Tots Tennis on a Saturday 9.30am where 1 parent per child MUST stay to support/do toilet trips etc.

6.If you can’t attend one week for your groups for any reason please try to tx me at least 24hrs before to let someone on the waiting list know.

7. If the weather is so bad that any groups can’t happen, and current guidelines don’t allow us to carry on indoors at Campion, then the lesson will be cancelled and added onto the end of the block. However, once rules ease we will go inside at Campion to shelter from the rain.

***Maximum group siszes were 15 earlier this year, however, rules have now eased. IF your child is no.16 or no.17 etc in a particular group, you will be told at the time of booking just in case group sizes are restricted to 15 again. In this case players 16/17 etc will be offered credit/a refund for any missed session durin that time of new restrictions***


8.If you can’t attend a Private Lesson one week please give me 24 hours notice that you can’t attend otherwise less than 24hrs notice or “no show” will mean you are charged the full price.

9. Please turn up 5 minutes early to warm up.

10. The last 5 minutes of ALL lessons are for ball collection and debrief of the lesson content/goal setting.

11. In the event of bad weather, Ben will make the decision based on safety first of whether the courts are playable and the lesson can go ahead.

12. Please pay cash/bacs before lesson starts or during the lesson.

13. Members get priority for Groups lessons/Fun Camps & Private Lessons. So ask about joining Campion today!

We’re always looking of ways to improve, so please don’t hesitate to offer any feedback or ideas you may have.

Please ensure you have completed the clubspark registration before starting and update Ben on medical/contact info when necessary.



07843 38 43 46




You can now make online payments to Ben Saunders Tennis. Complete the form below and then you will be transferred to the SECURE Paypal server to make a card payment.

(Refunds will only be given for a service that has become fully subscribed, in which case you will be offered an alternative or given a full refund).

Please note that Cheque and Paypal payments now incur an additional 5% charge per transaction.

However, you can also make payments which don’t incur these charges by paying by Cash or Online Banking Payments by logging onto your Online Bank and transferring payments to – Ben Saunders Tennis, Santander Bank, 09-06-66/43414979 and using your child’s name as the reference – please contact us when you do this to confirm payment has been made.

N.B – if you haven’t attended our sessions before then you will also need to complete a Registration Form and include how you paid.

Make a Payment

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